White Smoke Spell Checker Review – Get Your Spellings and Grammar Checked

White Smoke Spell Checker Review

White smoke is one of those software products that make a computer do things you only thought could be done by human beings. WhiteSmoke analyses your text makes a list of possible improvements and can easily integrate with Microsoft Word and other word processors.

Worried about spelling and grammar mistakes every time you write?

WhiteSmoke, in addition to being very easy to install and use, thoroughly checks for any spelling, readability or grammar errors in every sentence that you type. It does all this while running in the background.

Intelligence in Spell checking

WhiteSmoke can be rightfully considered a very smart version of Microsoft’s spell checker. It can isolate errors hidden deep within the folds of the text and make suggestions for improvements while requiring minimal intervention from you.

Usability- WhiteSmoke Spell Checker

Immediately you launch the application, you can quickly identify the various facilities offered by the program. Using this advanced grammatical error warrior requires only the simple pasting of text into the workspace and then clicking on the “Check” button.

Online Demo to Make Things Easier through white smoke Spellings and Grammar checker

Once you install the application, you can find out the answer to any problem you encounter by watching the explanatory online demo.

Multilingual Dictionary – Language is Not a Barrier for White Smoke Spell Checker

WhiteSmoke 2011+ is equipped with a full blown multilingual dictionary that makes it possible to translate between languages.

Make Common Errors in Emails or Web Form Comments

WhiteSmoke easily checks errors while typing email content and web form comments.

Enriched Suggestions

In addition to correcting any grammar and spelling errors, WhiteSmokes goes ahead to check and make suggestions for the flow of style in writing. This makes sure that you not only end up with a correct but also a simple and attractive piece of paper!

WhiteSmoke is Best For:

  • The English language learning beginners
  • Individuals and students who write academic essays
  • Individuals composing business documents
  • Freelance writers

WhiteSmoke Might Be Frustrating For:

  • Fiction writing where language dialogue is often used
  • Informal writing

All in All

Considered what it offers at its reasonable price tag, WhiteSmoke is a truly revolutionary spell checker and writing aid product – It’s what you need to make writing half easier and double correct!