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WHETHER it’s TOEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing), these two are similar. They usually take three academic semesters to accomplish broken down into three stages – basic, intermediate and advanced. In basic TOEFL or IELTS, students are urged to write daily essays and recite them in front. The essays become progressively long as the school days were on. And this tends to be boring. So the following are some suggestions to innovate teaching TOEFL or IELTS in your own language school. This formula can certainly work both with adult and kid students whether you’re located in Spain, the French-speaking regions of Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea or Thailand.

No Boring English Class from Now!

Infusing movies through the usual lecture can be exciting at times. But do not just select random movies. Make sure to rent DVDs with subtitles so that the students can learn. And do not just play the movie and doze off. The movie must be value-laden, not some Van Wilder/National Lampoon/Jackass kind of adventure. Of course, comedy movies with values are okay. Students in India, for example, may be interested to compare the culture in Hollywood with their own Bollywood culture based in Mumbai.

Let’s say for instance that you have selected the movie The Longest Yard. The Longest Yard is one movie which can represent American culture because it’s not just the movie that is the selling point to complement teaching English language acquisition, there’s the stellar soundtrack of Nelly as well. Nelly’s single The Longest Yard is one of the most lovable tracks the rapper has produced. And while you’re at it, encourage the students to interpret what the rap-laden lyric of The Longest Yard means to them as an Indian citizen. In short, relate the plot of the movie and the song in local terms.

English Classes

Get Students Attention

For the Spanish audience, you may want to rent all the Hollywood movies starring Penelope Cruz and view them to your class one by one as the semester goes on. Remember that this is only to complement the formal English lessons and not the other way around. The Spanish students can surely relate with Penelope Cruz because she has been known in movies here prior to migrating to Spain. For starters, let the students view her first Hollywood debut Woman on Top. The woman on Top is particularly significant in Cruz’s Hollywood debut because the title alone symbolizes her making big in the United States. Another thing with Woman on Top is introducing us to Brazilian mysticism. See, there’s a lot to learn from Hollywood movies aside from compounding our English. We see other cultures as well.

Where Woman on Top references Brazilian culture, Penelope Cruz’s next film All the Pretty Horses is all about two lovers (both horse whisperers) who elope to Mexico bringing with them the horses of their landlord but whom they have grown to love. With these two movies alone, your English students will surely learn something.

You could also think about bringing games into the classroom – or to your home! Many foreign students learning English play online games to help interact with people who speak the target language so whether you are French with a flair for casino en ligne or German with a like for Tetris – think about it, it could really speed up the language learning process, and you could make friends for life interacting!