It is better to start learning English while still young

It is better to start learning English while still young. In Europe, all high school students are encouraged by the European Union to learn a second language. One rational language to learn in mainland Europe is English because it is one if not the most dominant international language of aviation and business. But one can start learning English even when he or she is still in nursery. Here in Spain, you can find international schools which use English as the exclusive medium only in Madrid because it is the diplomatic capital of the country.

During the first day of school in a typical nursery in an international school here in Madrid, children are already taught the ABCs complete with vivid pictures. During the first day of school, make sure that both parents and guardians must be absent from work so they can monitor the progress of their children and learn whether they’re normal or not academically. Also, all nurseries here in Spain are staffed with child psychologists, so you have nothing to worry about.

As the child progresses to his or her first and second grade and so forth and so on, intense English terms and complex grammar are slowly introduced in these international schools instead of the usual Spanish elsewhere. Then English will also be the dominant medium in other scientific subjects such as mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, geometry, biology, climatology, basic physics, basic chemistry, physiology and even Spanish history. That’s because international schools cater to sons and daughters of English-speaking diplomats and the rest of the expatriate community in Madrid. But they do accept native Spanish enrollees who are willing to learn English as a second language.

The concept of English as the dominant medium in these international schools is equally true during as the child progresses through high school. During college, you may enroll in St. Louis University because it is the sole tertiary system in Spain which offers programs leading to a bachelor degree all using English as the medium of instruction. There are lots of programs to choose from which will suit your interest. If you are interested in working in the hospitality industry in Costa del Sol and making yourself one of the supervisors someday, then you may enroll in the program leading to a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management. If you want to become a diplomat someday and travel to the United States and Canada, you may enroll in a course leading to a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

By the way, there are no associate degree programs available at St. Louis University because this isn’t a vocational school or a community college which is subsidized by the Spanish government. So you need to enroll in a four-year program. That means you have to study well to pass the entrance examination. If you want to become a farmer, you may want to enroll in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering. Whatever you choose, the bottom line is to have fun learning English.