How can Grammar Checking Softwares Help your English


The most commonly used spelling and grammar checkers are the ones that come with Microsoft, word processors. The second most commonly used are the ones that are pre-installed on IE browsers. If you are using a piece of proofreading software, you are given more options when it comes to checking your work. Here is what a proper spelling and grammar checker can offer you.

The summary or overview of Grammar Check Software

Many spelling and grammar checkers will give you an overview of the mistakes you made. This is because there may be some errors that are intentional or that are of no interest to you. For example, you may not care about how often you used passive words or phrases, or you may not care about how many words your text have.

Your writing style Grammar Check Software

This looks for things such as how many passive verbs you used, how many hidden verbs you used, how many repeated sentence starts you used, and may even give you numerous other suggestions such as how to improve your readability.

Overused words of Grammar Check

There are times when you simply have to overuse some words, but there are other times when a more varied vocabulary will help to make the text easier to read. Your grammar checker may also highlight overly repeated phrases too.

Sentence length checks by Grammar Software

Sentences may make reading your text harder to read, or may only make it more annoying. You may also see a paragraph length report, but you need to use your discretion as to if you change your work. If you are writing for the Internet, then shorter articles are better. Otherwise, you should choose based on what suits the flow and context of your work.

Grammar checks Software

These are the basic sentence structure functions your text has or has not followed. This includes all sorts of things such as incorrect capitalization, too many or too few commas, and things such as words being incorrectly used or incorrectly hyphenated. There are many more things the grammar check may find in your text. This is often one of an essential functions of the spelling and grammar checker.


These are the parts of your text that make it harder to read for people that enjoy reading a lot. Reading something such as, “Rage coursing through his veins” may some like a nice snippet, but if you read a lot then you have read something like that hundreds of times, and it is annoying, and a good grammar checker will tell suggest you change it.

Corporate word used in Grammar Check Software

These are words the grammar checker may suggest that could simplify your text. Words such as synergy may be suggested. On the other hand, words such as re-engineering may be suggested, and that is just a buzzword.

Redundancies By Grammar Check Software

The grammar checker tells you if you have used unnecessary words and suggested that you remove them. Sometimes unnecessary words are essential in your work so that you can leave them in, but usually, they are wasted wordage (necessary is an example of redundant word use).

Glue words and sticky sentences by Grammar Check Software

A glue name is a transition, and it is not a bad thing, but use the same words too often, and reading becomes hard. For example, a child may write a story about what he would do if he were a millionaire, and you will see the words, “I would” around ten times per page.

A sticky sentence may have too many transitional words, so a good grammar checker will point out these sentences and suggest you change them. For example, a sentence like, “Here is a table that compares the two,” could be better written as, “This chart compares the two.”

Dialog tags in Grammar Check Software

These are words used to indicate who is saying what. If you also describe how it is said, or the state of the speaker, then they are known as adverbial tags. If you are writing an academic text, it will pay to study your dialog tags carefully for errors. If you are writing a creative piece, then you can take your grammar checker’s suggestions with a pinch of salt and decide what best yourself is.

Dictation problems incurred by Grammar Check Software

Excellent spelling and grammar checker may point out copy problems. They are called other names depending on your grammar checker. They are words or phrases that may be better removed or changed.

For example, “…called such because it is the primary horizontal support,” is a sentence where the grammar checker may suggest you omit the words “it is.” If you use a word such as “maximum,” it may advise you to change it to “greatest” or “largest.”