Easy Grammar Plus 2nd Grade Test Book Review

Easy Grammar Systems has made it so easy to use their prize-winning program.   Easy Grammar!

The principle behind this thorough secondary grammar program is that an incremental, repetitive study of the eight parts of speech, beginning with prepositions, leads to mastery of the English sentence, which is the real reason why we learn grammar, anyway!

2nd Grade Grammar Test Book Review

Thanks to Dr. Wanda Phillips, we also have an easy-to-use Student Test Booklet at a very affordable price!  I purchased one and had permission to photocopy for my family’s use.  But it would be worth my while to buy a second copy and just let my two secondary-level children have their books!  For just over $4.00, you can’t beat it for economy and convenience.


  • The test booklet is inexpensive!  Less than $5.00.
  • The pages are in the same format as the exercises in the larger Student Workbook.  Students appreciate “no surprises” on tests.  There’s no reason for a surprise in grammar!
  • The formal tests can be used as proof of grammar instruction.  Those who keep portfolios of their students’ work appreciate this!


  • There’s a section in the back of the booklet called ”Reflections” on each part of speech test that wasn’t clearly explained.
  • The tests are very brief compared to the amount of pages of corresponding workbook exercises. (But students will love that!)


Buy as many test booklets as you have students!  Save yourself time and money.

These tests can be easily graded.  For example, if the student is asked to cross out any prepositional phrases and underscore the subject, assign one point to each of these two tasks.  Then divide the number answered correctly by the total possible number of points, and you have your percentage grade, to which you can assign a letter.  Simple but sufficient.

2nd grade grammar book review