Delhi Grammer School – Education and Technology (ASSET)

Appeal Association for Social Service,

Delhi Grammer School – Education and Technology (ASSET)

Education and Technology (ASSET)) is struggling at its level best
through its maiden institution ‘Delhi Grammar School’ for uplifting
the struggling lot of the Muslim community of India that
unfortunately, has been tagged as the “most backward community” of
The country. The presentation of a report by Prime Minister’s Office
High-Level Committee, commonly called as Sachar Committee, in
November 2006, nailed the fact beyond any doubt. However, the same
the committee recommends

In the wake, school education and vocational training of
younger generations remain the only panacea for bringing the
Community out of its present morass. This is exactly what the ASSET
is committed for and it has proven its dedication through running a
quality school amidst a Muslim locality of the national capital,
known as Jamia Nagar.

The increasing pressure of admissions and consumed resources on
Delhi Grammar School would have hardly bothered us of any anxiety
regarding sustaining it and maintaining its high quality in a
Persistent way. However, the destiny has planned the otherwise. Due
to certain recent policy decisions, the schools running in rented
buildings, like Delhi Grammar School, will not be allowed to
Function anymore. This demands tremendously on the meager resources
that the school and its associates could mobilize locally for
meeting out this Herculean task of acquiring the school’s on

In the wake, we are left with no other choice than to appeal to the
wider philanthropic community the world over, that takes the education
of Indian Muslims dear to its cause, so that we could be bailed out
from this challenging situation. So that, we could save this
prominent school of Jamia Nagar area in the southern part of New
Delhi. So that, this devoutly serving school can serve the community
more assiduously in future as well. The enclosed project profile
just elaborate upon this earnest appeal and makes things evident to
those who are interested in serving the community’s systematic

We anticipate of receiving an encouraging response from the brothers
and sisters the world over.