5 Frequently Asked Questions about English Grammar

1. How can I improve my grammar?

Aside from grammar drills, the best way to learn grammar rules is to read books. There is no other way to learn English than to see it used by masters, who deftly apply the rules to bring ideas and images to life. Reading books is also one way to enjoy studying grammar without being caught (some would say trapped) in the details. Admittedly, drills can get dull, but these writers bring out the beauty of the language in all their emotional and persuasive power.

2. What does having bad grammar cost me?

Grammar changes perception. If you can’t speak or write English well, people think that you are uneducated or even stupid. It could be a big barrier in your career, as well. High-level positions assume that you can communicate well.

3. Where can I learn grammar rules after I’ve left school?

You can enroll in an online grammar course or a night class, or buy books that contain English language drills. You should also consciously practice your English skills. Aside from day to day conversation, try writing letters as often as possible.

4. English is not my first language. How long will it take to master it?

It depends on your dedication, and how much time you have to study and practice your skills. Generally, it is easier to learn a language when you use it every day. Even if you live in a country that does not speak English, you can visit discussion forums on the Internet, write letters, and read books and magazines.

5. What is the difference between British and American grammar?

The differences in American and British English are often in spelling or word usage. However, sentence structures remain the same.