Easy Grammar Plus 2nd Grade Teacher’s Lessons

Why would I want to cart a 2-inch thick book around just to teach my upper-grade sons grammar?  Because Easy Grammar is easy as can be!

I purchased this, along with the student test booklet and two student workbooks, from an excellent company whose site you’re visiting right now, www.learningthings.com.  I was delighted to see a revised 2nd edition that was more colorful and streamlined than the one I used about eight years ago.

Although I did well in grammar as a schoolgirl, I tailored my children’s elementary English program to major in reading and writing, explaining grammar as concepts as needed. This turned out to be fruitful, as my older children are prolific writers and voracious readers.  However, a grammar foundation also needs to be laid.  So I turned to Wanda Phillips’ thorough study of all the eight parts of speech plus capitalization and punctuation.  It’s all here!


  1. It requires minimal preparation time.  No need to get all the grammar handbooks out to prepare a lesson.  Short teaching pages are sprinkled throughout this massive (almost 700-page) book.
  2. It provides abundant practice.  The book is divided into the major parts of speech. Each part has numerous pages of exercises, each of which takes between 3 and 10 minutes to do.
  3. It reinforces concepts through repetition.  After memorizing 50 prepositions, for example, students have about 30 pages of identifying and crossing out prepositional phrases in increasingly complex sentences.  While some may find this annoying, I know that it is effective!


  1. The teacher book is enormous and somewhat heavy.  I admit it is a little inconvenient to tote around!  (By the way, it is massive because it includes both the original and corrected student pages.)
  2. It is soft-bound.  The binding is good, but the cover will get worn faster with this material.  (By the way, mine is in almost-new condition after two months of use.)
  3. The order of the parts of speech seems odd.  The author presents prepositions before verbs or nouns!  (By the way, there’s a good reason for this, and you’ll have to use the curriculum to appreciate it!)

This is an excellent choice for a secondary English grammar program! It covers all the fundamentals of the English sentence, which is the primary purpose for learning grammar, isn’t it? Teachers who don’t consider themselves grammarians shouldn’t feel intimidated by this simple yet thorough approach.

What does an average week look like with Easy Grammar?  Well, for us, I call my 2 secondary-aged sons, who each have their own Easy Grammar Workbooks, to class. They read a couple of completed page of their workbooks aloud, identifying the parts of speech. If necessary, I introduce a new concept from the teacher book and then send them off to work! Typically, they do 10-12 pages a week.  I test them at the end of each section, and we continue through the book! Easy as can be!